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Harlem EatUp Presents

Harlem EatUp! 2019

What Is The Harlem EatUp?

Harlem EatUp! Festival… WELCOME! This 4-Day Harlem food festival invites you to see and taste all Harlem has to offer from the artists of the kitchen, the canvas, the stage and the streets. Come Dine In Harlem for a 1 Night only multi-room dinner party for the ages, hit The Stroll, where Harlem’s food, art and culture will converge or observe culinary masters at the EatUp! Main Stage.  With all of this and more, you need to be in here! When friends and founders of the Harlem EatUp! Festival, executive chef, restaurateur and Harlemite Marcus Samuelsson and veteran event marketer, Herb Karlitz, put their heads together about celebrating Harlem they couldn’t be stopped. Three months later, together with the sage insight and support of Harlem business tastemakers and residents, they would announce Harlem EatUp! to the world! As part of its mission and dedication to Harlem, the Festival will donate proceeds from ticket sales to Harlem Park to Park and Citymeals-on-Wheels. Respectively, both organizations continue to provide a positive and direct impact on the community through small business support and feeding Harlem’s home-bound elderly.

Welcome to the 3rd annual Harlem EatUp! Festival, a four-day festival offering an exciting sampling of Harlem’s sights, flavors and sounds, from artists of the kitchen, canvas, stage and streets. Enjoy Dine In Harlem, Eat Up’s signature one-night-only multi-room dinner party experience, featuring Harlem’s hottest restaurants and chefs hosting some of the biggest national culinary stars in their kitchens. Get your eat on as you spend the day Uptown at The Harlem Stroll, where food, art and culture will converge all in the backdrop of one of the neighborhood’s most beautiful parks. Watch Harlem and national top chef cooking demos on the EatUp! Main Stage. It’s a celebration of culture and good eats you won’t want to miss!

When Is The Harlem EatUp?

Where Is The Harlem EatUp Locations?

Featured Participants

ZOMA | Henock Kejela

ATELIER CRENN | Dominique Crenn

MOUNTAIN BIRD | Kenichi Tajima

SEASONED VEGAN | Brenda Beener

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