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The Harlem Local team not only has a love for all that’s edible, we’re also passionate food, restaurant, café, and food event videographers and photographers with a mission to tell the stories that are behind every dish. Throughout Australia and the world, we’ve been capturing the vibrant food culture and the people who create it through our other passions of food videography and photography.

If you’ve got a story to share about your food, restaurant, café, or food event and would like to work with our super-friendly and dedicated team of video and photography professionals, simply contact us for a chat and we’d be more than happy to explore ways we can help you express your food’s story.

Video is where food comes alive! Capturing the movement and sound of the people who create the dishes we love and the vibrant colors and textures of the food itself are the most engaging way for audiences to experience the craft. No matter if you’re looking to excite customers with a delicious video on your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or website or if you’re a foodie event organizer wanting to share the sights and sounds of you next big bash, we’d be happy to help you tell that story in brillant HD video. Need it even more amazing? We can even do 4K food videos!

We can work with you to develop an approach that best suits your food story, but to get you started, we’ve provided some food video packages below. Also, be sure to pop over to our videos page to get a feel for our style. We’re always here to chat about ideas you have for putting your food in the spotlight, so contact us anytime!